The Revenue Report: Utah’s Projections Process

Written by: Christopher Collard

The Utah Constitution requires that the state balance its budget.1 That is as simple as aligning revenues with the annual budget expenses. Both the Governor and Utah State Legislature produce budgets. The Governor releases budget recommendations in November for the Legislature to consider. The Legislature produces the state’s final budget in late February or early March. But how do they know what Utah’s revenues will look like over the next year in order to ensure … Continued

The Revenue Report: Income and Sales Tax Surprise

Written by: Staff

Welcome to the first Revenue Report from the Utah Foundation. As state taxes and government spending have always been among Utah’s top ten concerns in Utah Foundation’s “Utah Priorities Project,” we thought it would be helpful to provide a monthly discussion on Utah’s state revenues.  In this month’s discussion we highlight the income and sales tax surprise – how  revenue collections are well above expectations. The Utah State Tax Commission periodically releases a revenue snapshot … Continued