Priced Out and Fed Up: Cost of Living and Government Dysfunction are Voters’ Top Issues

Written by: Christopher Collard

Each November, Utahns have a chance to shape government to fit their needs. Ideally, the voters’ voices serve as a compass to correct the course of government and shape society. However, information gaps can preclude an ideal outcome. First, politicians and policymakers need to understand Utahns’ priorities. Second, voters need relevant background on the issues that matter most. The Utah Foundation’s Utah Priority Project seeks to fill those information gaps and provide that background. Priced … Continued

Healthy Communities: Cultivating Food Access

Written by: Marguerite Spaethling

INTRODUCTION Food plays an essential role in building healthy communities as it is enmeshed with nearly every social aspect of life. Romantic connections are made over meals, family connections are strengthened by daily dinners, celebrations are defined by the unique dishes served, and business deals are built over lunch. More broadly, national and regional identities can be defined by foods distinct to the area and the sharing of food is a universal gesture of hospitality. … Continued

Virtual Insights: Lessons Learned from the K-12 Response to COVID-19

Written by: Christopher Collard

  Introduction The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 brought the biggest disruption to K-12 public schools in this century. It thrust teachers, parents, and administrators into a chaotic process of finding ways to ensure that children received a quality education while simultaneously protecting the health of everyone involved. In many cases, the advances of digital learning in education over the preceding decade doubled in the months or even weeks following the beginning of the pandemic. However, … Continued

Bang for Your Buck: Which Utah Schools have the Best Return on Investment

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Introduction People seek out education beyond high school for many reasons. These include but are not limited to pursuing a specific career pathway, developing skills relevant to a changing job market, seeking personal exploration or development, and increasing their income potential. Due in part to the variations in purpose for expanding education, students may have a difficult time evaluating their options. This report aids in this evaluation by exploring the financial return on investment for … Continued

America’s Nursing School: The Nursing Program at Western Governors University

Written by: Christopher Collard

America’s Nursing School: The Nursing Program at Western Governors University is a new analysis commissioned by Western Governors University (WGU). This brief finds that WGU is playing a leading role in filling this vital health care and economic need across the country. Among the findings of the study: The number of unfilled openings in the health care sector doubled from the end of 2019 to the beginning of 2022. As an online university, WGU has … Continued

The Flowering of Youth: The Next Generation in Utah

Written by: Peter Reichard

UTAH SOCIAL CAPITAL SERIES Check out the other sections of the Utah Social Capital Series. Links will become live as reports are published Civic Engagement Social Trust Community Life Family Health Social Cohesion Focus on Future Generations Social Mobility Overall Index The Flowering of Youth: The Next Generation in Utah is the Utah Foundation’s sixth report in its Utah Social Capital Series. This installment presents data and analysis in four areas: the birth rate; investments … Continued

Broadening Horizons: Clearing an Early Path to Post-Secondary Success

Written by: Shawn Teigen

When looking beyond high school, some Utah students face low expectations, a shortfall in post-secondary readiness, a lack of knowledge around post-secondary options and financial challenges. This report, Broadening Horizons: Clearing an Early Path to Post-Secondary Success, not only explores these challenges, but also seeks to reveal the network of supports that can help smooth the transition out of high school, broadening the educational horizons of Utah youth. Broadening Horizons is the second report in … Continued

Beating the Odds: Post-Secondary Success for Adult, First-Generation and Lower-Income Students

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Beating the Odds: Post-Secondary Success for Adult, First-Generation and Lower-Income Students explores various means of promoting both student retention and completion of certificates and degrees. It focuses on subsets of students who have been less likely to attain higher levels of education and receive the benefits of that attainment. Among the findings of the new report: Utah’s population is changing. If the state’s post-secondary educational institutions do not respond to those changes, tens of thousands … Continued

Utah Priorities 2020 | Utah Priority No. 3: Kindergarten through 12th Grade Education

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Going back to 2004, K-12 education had always ranked among the top three issues in the Utah Priorities Project until dropping to 6th place during the winter 2020 survey. However, K-12 education bounced back up to 3rd place during the summer 2020 survey following the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and school closures. Concern is partly driven by the economic needs of working parents, health risks and educational challenges. As in past years’ surveys, many … Continued

Utah Rising – Initiatives for a Broad & Rapid Economic Revival

Written by: Staff

At the onset of the 2020 coronavirus pandemic and resultant economic downturn, the Utah Foundation worked with the Finance Committee of the Utah Economic Response Task Force to brainstorm and develop ideas with the potential to aid the economic rebound of the state. This menu of ideas includes some ideas that are well-developed and others in preliminary stages. Some are short-term approaches while others look further onto the horizon. While many of the ideas require … Continued