Millennials and Boomers: How Utah’s Generations Compare to Each Other and the Nation (Part I)

Written by: Mallory Bateman

PART I: DEMOGRAPHICS (See Part II: Finances and Workplace Preferences, Part III: Housing, and Part IV: Politics and Society) In 2015, Millennials will overtake Baby Boomers in the U.S. as the largest generation. This is in contrast to Utah Millennials, who have been the largest proportion of the population since before the youngest members were even born. While nationally Gen Xers have held a smaller proportion of the population than either group, Utah Baby Boomers … Continued

United Way of Treasure Valley Community Assessment 2014

Written by: Shawn Teigen

In 2013 the United Way of Treasure Valley retained Utah Foundation to perform a Community Assessment of the United Way’s three-county service area. Work was completed in 2014. The Community Assessment is seen as a foundation to achieve community goals. For the assessment, Utah Foundation analyzed community data as indicators of community success, barriers to reveal hindrances to community success, and opportunities as potential solutions to barriers. To inform the assessment, Utah Foundation held focus … Continued

Utah Priorities 2012, Issue #9: Poverty

Written by: Stephen Hershey Kroes

In 2012, voters listed poverty as the 9th most important priority in the election year. This policy brief examines poverty rates over time, recessionary effects on poverty, and the poverty rates of subgroups in Utah. It also shows the impact that certain governmental measures have on mitigating poverty. Lastly, it examines how poverty is measured and alternative measures.

United Way of Salt Lake Community Assessment 2010

Written by: Stephen Hershey Kroes

In 2009 and 2010, Utah Foundation worked as a consultant to the United Way of Salt Lake (UWSL) to assist with its Priority Area and Capacity Assessment Process. This work led to the publication by UWSL of this Community Assessment document which identifies and measures critical community needs in education, income, health, and basic needs. The assessment also helps UWSL focus its work in these critical areas to create community-level change.

United Way of Salt Lake Priority Area and Capacity Assessment

Written by: Stephen Hershey Kroes

The purpose of this assessment is to prioritize the specific needs, objectives, and strategies on which UWSL will focus its community impact work. UWSL contracted with Utah Foundation to conduct this assessment, which is a year-long project involving focus groups, surveys, data collection, research, and analysis. During the first stage of the assessment, Utah Foundation held focus groups with UWSL’s Change Councils, main funders, and staff to determine and gain consensus about what the vision … Continued

State Involvement in Parental Rights and Child Welfare

Written by: Stephen Hershey Kroes

In light of intense media scrutiny since last summer, policymakers, social service workers, and concerned citizens have had many discussions about how the state should or should not intervene when child abuse and neglect are suspected.