Utah Thrives (Podcast of Utah Foundation)

Utah Thrives Podcast | Connecting Teleworking and Air Quality in Utah

Written by: Peter Reichard

In April 2020, Utah Foundation released a report, Work Away from Work: The Challenges and Promise of Teleworking, on remote work. It provided an overview of the potential benefits and pitfalls of the massive experiment in teleworking prompted by the pandemic. In January 2021, Utah Foundation released a followup report, The Way Home: The Shift to Telework and its Air Quality Ramifications. The report focuses on how remote work relates to future growth, traffic and air … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Homeless in Salt Lake

Written by: Peter Reichard

In November, Utah Foundation held a Breakfast Briefing on the topic of homelessness, sponsored by the University of Utah’s College of Social and Behavioral Science. Our panel of experts featured: Tricia Davis, of the Utah Homelessness Programs Office Utah Representative Eric Hutchings Dr. Jeff Rose, of the Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism at the University of Utah Dr. Jesús N. Valero, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Utah The … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Efosa Ojomo on The Prosperity Paradox

Written by: Peter Reichard

When Clayton Christensen passed away at the beginning of this year, Utah lost one of its most prominent sons. The Harvard business professor had become, as one observer put it, the “the most influential management thinker of his time” and his theory of “disruptive innovation” perhaps the most influential business idea. In this edition of Utah Thrives, we hear about Christensen’s legacy from Efosa Ojomo, who co-wrote a book with Christensen and who carries on … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | A Discussion with Utah’s Next Governor

Written by: Staff

In this episode of Utah Thrives, we hear Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson talk about Utahns’ top priorities: Health care (costs and accessibility) State taxes and government spending K-12 education Jobs and the economy Public health / COVID-19 pandemic

Utah Thrives Podcast | The Challenges of Income Inequality

Written by: Staff

This episode of Utah Thrives draws from our recent Breakfast Briefing on income inequality in Utah. The discussion with University of Utah professors looks especially at social mobility, health and education challenges in Salt Lake County.

Utah Thrives Podcast | What do Legal Needs Tell Us about Struggling Utahns?

Written by: Shawn Teigen

This episode of Utah Thrives pulls back the curtain to tell the hidden story of the legal and financial struggles of lower-income Utahns. We talk with retired Chief Justice Christine Durham and bankruptcy attorney Peggy Hunt of the Utah Bar Foundation. This podcast builds on Utah Foundation’s new report, The Justice Gap: Addressing the Unmet Legal Needs of Lower-Income Utahns.

Utah Thrives Podcast: The State of Utah Embraces Teleworking

Written by: Peter Reichard

You won’t want to miss this episode of Utah Thrives, where you’ll find out why teleworking employees are more productive and you’ll hear about the multiple goals the state is addressing through teleworking — from air quality to rural employment. We talk with Jeff Mottishaw, senior consultant with the Operational Excellence Team in the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, who discusses how the state’s teleworking program has gained momentum with the coronavirus crisis. This podcast builds on … Continued