Utah Thrives: Paying for Water

Written by: Dan Bammes

What’s the best way for communities in Utah to share the cost of providing water? How can municipalities and water districts encourage users to conserve so in the long run, there will be enough to go around? Utah Foundation looked at those questions in a new series of research reports. In this edition of Utah Thrives, we’ll hear from Research Analyst Christopher Collard, along with Ron Thompson from the Washington County Water Conservancy District, Tom … Continued

2019 Utah Ethical Leadership Awards

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Utah Foundation was a finalist at the sixth annual Utah Ethical Leadership Awards on Friday, September 6th. This program is designed to recognize organizations that embody the spirit of ethical leadership exhibited by Bill Daniels, who was a founder of the modern cable industry and former owner of the Utah Stars. Bill Daniels believed deeply in ethics and integrity. “The finalists and awardees are a great representation of Utah’s principle-based ethical leadership.” – Utah Governor … Continued

Getting clear on K-12 spending, outcomes – and goals

Written by: Peter Reichard

When the question of K-12 spending comes up in public policy circles, someone is bound to mention: “We spend the least per student in the nation.” Though ranking last may induce shame, the real issue is not how much we spend on schools. Rather, it’s how well the schools perform. Utah Foundation launched a series of reports on K-12 spending nearly two years ago, exploring issues ranging from funding for students at risk of academic … Continued