Top Research Findings of 2014: Part III

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Two reports took the four top spots in 2014.     4: The particularities of current water usage in Utah…   In the second most arid climate in the nation, a vast majority of our water is used in agriculture and to keep our Kentucky blue grass green. (Flowing Toward 2050, released in September 2014.)     3: “…decreases have not necessarily translated into fewer high pollution days.”   Utah (and the U.S.) has been … Continued

Top Research Findings of 2014: Part II

Written by: Shawn Teigen

There is only one tie in the top-ten research findings of 2014, and it happens to be a three-way for 5th place… 5 (three-way tie): “…the difference between the projected 2030 and 2060 65+ dependency ratio is more significant in Utah (24.2 to 33.7) than in the nation (35 to 37)…” and there will be a lower percentage of kids.   While the Baby Boomer boom is already happening elsewhere in the nation, there is … Continued

Top Research Findings of 2014: Part I

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Each December, top-10 lists start popping up to reflect the events and highlights of the past year. We encourage you to add our Top Research Findings of 2014 to your year-end reading list. Selected by Utah Foundation staff, the Foundation’s board of directors voted on these findings last week to determine their order of importance. This posting includes the first three from that list (10 through 8), with the remaining seven to be announced within … Continued

Get a job! Now hiring at Utah Foundation

Written by: Stephen Hershey Kroes

Two great opportunities are available at Utah Foundation. If you enjoy our balanced, nonpartisan research on the major issues facing our state and you think you could add to our strength, please apply. Thanks to wonderful board members helping with fundraising, we are expanding our staff to bring more of this great work to the public and policymakers in 2015. We are recruiting for a research analyst and a communications specialist. Both are full-time, salaried … Continued