Utah Thrives Podcast | Tackling Health Care Costs

Written by: Peter Reichard

Every four years, as part of our Utah Priorities Project, the Utah Foundation surveys the people of this state to determine their greatest concerns. This information helps drive the priorities of policymakers and civic leaders. In both 2016 and 2020, Utahns told us that their top concern was health care costs and access. The past year in particular has highlighted the great importance of our health care services and infrastructure. But it has also brought forth … Continued

Significant Statistics | Medicaid in the Time of a Pandemic

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Medicaid enrollment increased by 9% from March to May 2019.i (The first phase of Medicaid’s adult expansion started in April 2019, with adults in households up to 100 percent of the Federal Poverty Level (FPL) becoming eligible.) Enrollment increases were still modest between January and March 2020 (when eligibility moved to 138% of FPL), perhaps due to a robust economy. However, enrollment increased 8% from March to May 2020 amidst the economic impacts of the … Continued

Significant Statistic | How Utahns View the National Masquerade

Written by: Christopher Collard

While Provo, Utah, made national news in July as the location of a protest against masks, a majority of Utah’s voters think that either the state or businesses should require the use of masks in public. And nearly all Utahns support at least encouraging mask wearing. In early July, we surveyed Utah voters for our Utah Priorities Project. We found that 42% of them think the state should mandate mask wearing in public, while another … Continued

Significant Statistics | One group of Utahns is more likely to contract – but also survive – the coronavirus

Written by: Staff

  HISPANIC/LATINO UTAHNS REPRESENT 14% of the state’s population, but comprise 42% of the coronavirus cases recorded in the state. Conversely, non-Hispanic white Utahns represent 78% of the population, but comprise only 34% of the state’s cases. Thankfully, Utah still has a small number of deaths, but some notable trends are emerging. While Hispanic Utahns are more likely than their non-Hispanic white counterparts to contract the coronavirus, they are substantially less likely to die from … Continued

Significant Statistics | 40% of Utahns Delaying Health Care

Written by: Staff

NEW CENSUS DATA SHOW that massive numbers of Utahns have been delaying health treatment. As of June 2, 2020, an estimated 830,000 Utah adults reported having delayed getting medical care in the previous four weeks because of the coronavirus pandemic. That represents 40% of the adult population of the state. This is in line with national numbers, with 41% of U.S. adults reporting a delay of medical care.[1] This finding is supported by accounts from … Continued

Utah Thrives: Mental Health & Suicide Prevention

Written by: Dan Bammes

A recent Utah Foundation breakfast event on access to mental health services and suicide prevention brought up a little good news: Utah’s suicide rate isn’t rising as fast as it has in the past two decades. And professionals who treat those at risk for suicide say their interventions can work very well if they reach people in time. But there are still many challenges, including providing access to psychiatric care in Utah’s rural areas. In … Continued

Utah’s Quality of Life – Video

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Utah Foundation occasionally surveys Utahns in an effort to understand how they feel about both their community and their personal quality of life. This video describes why Utah’s community quality of life is declining, and shows how quality of life is affected by demographic factors. This is all described in further detail in our report Utah Foundation Quality of Life Survey: Measuring Utahns’ Perceptions of their Communities, Personal Lives.  

Efforts to address suicide in Utah gaining momentum

Written by: Peter Reichard

Springtime is now upon us. The bluer skies, brighter sun and singing birds offer a welcome relief from the long winter. But the joy of spring doesn’t touch everybody. In fact, suicide rates in the U.S. are highest this time of year. In recent months, suicide has received increasing attention in Utah. Higher education and K-12 officials are placing new emphasis on mental health. A recent report from the Utah Foundation, “Getting to Tomorrow: Addressing … Continued

Utah Thrives: Drug Rehab — In Jail and Out

Written by: Dan Bammes

Going to jail for a drug-related crime might not seem like an opportunity for the person who’s incarcerated. But while they’re locked up in Utah’s prisons and jails, inmates addicted to drugs might find treatment programs that could help them escape the addiction. A research report from Utah Foundation shows those programs vary widely from state prisons to county jails, but for those who get help, the likelihood of going back to jail is reduced … Continued