Utah’s Gender Wage Gap

Written by: Christopher Collard

Last October there was some buzz created by 24/7 Wall St ranking Utah as the number one worst state for women. The gender wage gap, or the difference in pay between an equally skilled, equally experienced man and woman was one factor used in the ranking. Estimating the pay gap is somewhat difficult. Numerous factors determine wages such as, skills, education, experience, and others. Using U.S. Census data we attempt to deconstruct the gender wage … Continued

Utah Foundation History: 70 Years of Informing Utah’s Future

Written by: Dan Bammes

Utah Foundation celebrated its 70th anniversary with a luncheon at the Grand America hotel on September 15th. Those in attendance learned about the business leaders who felt a need for a non-partisan research organization to study Utah’s tax policies and other issues. Here’s a PowerPoint presentation that looks at some of the people and issues that brought Utah Foundation into being — and set the agenda it still follows today. 70 Years of Informing Utah’s … Continued