Utah Thrives: Funding for Utah’s At-risk Students

Written by: Dan Bammes

When the Education Excellence Commission convened by Governor Gary Herbert looked at ways to improve Utah’s public schools, it spent a lot of time talking about students at risk of academic failure. How to pay for the extra help they need to catch up to their peers, what programs are in place and who pays for them, is the subject of a new research report from Utah Foundation. In this episode of Utah Thrives, we … Continued

A Visit to the Asylum for the Politically Deranged

Written by: Peter Reichard

While out walking the other night, I came upon a gray, severe building. Over the doorway were the words, “Asylum for the Politically Deranged.” A white-coated doctor appeared at the door. “Good evening,” he said. “Would you like to tour our facility?” I followed him down a long hallway. In the first room patients were gazing out the windows. I could hear them mumbling, “It works in Portland” and “It works in Scandinavia.” “This is … Continued

How the Utah Legislature fine tuned its 2018 income tax changes

Written by: Christopher Collard

The past twelve months have been a wild ride for income taxes. Utah’s last major income tax reform took place back in 2008. Since then the income tax has seen relatively few changes. However, that changed at the end of 2017 when Congress passed a bill modifying the federal income tax. Because Utah’s tax system is linked to the federal system (which makes it easier for you to figure out your state taxes), those federal … Continued

Utah Foundation wins top awards for policy research

Written by: Dan Bammes

The Governmental Research Association, the national organization for public policy research professionals, has recognized Utah Foundation’s work with two of its top awards. The selections were announced August 1st at GRA’s national conference in Detroit. The three-part Utah Health Cost Series was honored with the Most Distinguished Research award. Utah voters put health care at the top of their list of priorities during 2016’s Utah Priorities Project, with their concern focused mainly on the cost … Continued

Utah Thrives: Farming in Utah’s Urban Counties

Written by: Dan Bammes

For several generations now, the most profitable crop grown on farmland in Utah’s urban counties has been new houses. Farmland has been disappearing and with it the lifestyle that was once a big part of Utah’s culture. But through the years, farming has survived and adapted, sometimes taking advantage of that urban growth. In this edition of Utah Thrives, we’ll hear about the agricultural protection status that farmers in Wasatch Front communities are able to … Continued