When it comes to civic engagement in Utah, it’s a mixed bag

Written by: Peter Reichard

Going back 200 years, strong citizen engagement in the democratic process and in civic improvement has served as a barometer of the vitality of the American republic. It’s a matter of good government: At the state and local levels, civic engagement has significant implications for the effectiveness and efficiency of government, the quality of services and the responsiveness of public officials to citizen priorities. A decline in civic engagement can reduce the accountability of the … Continued

The Utah Foundation Honored with Multiple National Awards for Recent Work

Written by: Shawn Teigen

This summer, the Utah Foundation was honored with several awards by the Governmental Research Association, the national association of public policy research professionals. The GRA presented the awards at its annual conference, hosted by the Civic Federation of Chicago. The honors include three award-winners and two certificates of merit: The award for Most Distinguished Research for the Utah Foundation’s Paying for Water Series. You can find the series here: www.utahfoundation.org/reports/paying-for-water-a-summary-of-the-series/. The award for Best Data … Continued