Utah Thrives Podcast | Utah Priorities Project overview

Written by: Staff

In this podcast, Utah Foundation board member Thomas Young speaks with staff members Shawn Teigen and Christopher Collard about the 2024 Utah Priorities Project, focusing on the fact that people are priced out and fed up. Read the report, Priced Out and Fed Up, here.

Op-ed: Do politicians listen to voters?

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Before the pandemic in February 2020, I was perplexed when “politicians listening to voters” was at the top of Utahns’ concerns in the Utah Priorities Project. The project seeks to uncover the issues that we think the state should do something about. After my initial confusion, that high ranking made a bit more sense. After all, in 2018, Utahns voted to approve three ballot initiatives: Shortly after the vote, the Utah Legislature repealed and replaced … Continued