Utah Thrives Podcast | Interview with Celeste Maloy

Written by: Staff

The Utah Foundation has invited candidates of the second Congressional District Special Election to speak with Thomas Young. In these interviews, Thomas asks questions relating to the Utah Foundation’s Utah Priorities Project and how these candidates hope to address the issues most important to Utah voters. In this edition of Utah Thrives, Thomas Young speaks with the Republican nominee, Celeste Maloy.

Op-ed: Don’t just read the headlines on inflation

Written by: Shawn Teigen

I implore you to avoid just reading the headlines. Instead, read the whole story. We should all know that by now, having been repeatedly suckered into stories with alluring clickbait across the internet. For instance, you may have seen or heard that “Consumer prices heated up in July.” Here is a better headline for you: “Consumer prices are perhaps the only thing that didn’t heat up in July.” Inflation had been trending down, and it … Continued