Priced Out and Fed Up: Cost of Living and Government Dysfunction are Voters’ Top Issues

Written by: Christopher Collard

Each November, Utahns have a chance to shape government to fit their needs. Ideally, the voters’ voices serve as a compass to correct the course of government and shape society. However, information gaps can preclude an ideal outcome. First, politicians and policymakers need to understand Utahns’ priorities. Second, voters need relevant background on the issues that matter most. The Utah Foundation’s Utah Priority Project seeks to fill those information gaps and provide that background. Priced … Continued

Flowing in the Desert: A Primer on Utah Water Law

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Utah is one of the driest states in the nation. Making sure the state manages water well is essential to its rapid population growth and economic expansion. This report, Flowing in the Desert: A Primer on Utah Water Law, focuses on providing a background of Utah’s water law. A basic understanding of water law is essential for any policy discussion about water. Water law provides the foundation upon which the rest of Utah’s water policy … Continued