“The Utah Foundation provides the kind of reliable, non-partisan analysis that’s crucial to sound decision-making by legislators and other public officials.”  Harris H. Simmons, Chairman & CEO, Zions Bancorporation

“In today’s ‘news’ business, opinion often trumps real information based on real data. All of us at KUER have grown to trust the Utah Foundation as an organization that knows the difference between news and bombast. All we really have is the trust of our listeners. We trust the staff at the Utah Foundation.” John Greene, former General Manager, KUER

Our Mission

The Utah Foundation’s mission is to produce objective, thorough and well-reasoned research and analysis that promotes the effective use of public resources, a thriving economy, a well-prepared workforce and a high quality of life for Utahns. The Utah Foundation seeks to help decision-makers and citizens understand and address complex issues. The Utah Foundation also offers constructive guidance to improve governmental policies, programs and structures.

The Utah Foundation is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit public-policy research organization.

Serving Utah

By helping our citizens and policymakers stay informed on crucial issues, the Utah Foundation contributes to Utah’s reputation as one of the greatest states in which to live, work, and run a business. Informed participants make better decisions, and decisions on important public policy issues affect us all, from corporate leaders to small business people to schoolteachers and concerned citizens.

A Refreshingly Independent Perspective

We engage in rigorous fact-finding and analysis before publishing any research findings. All Utah Foundation research reports must be, and are factual, independent, and balanced. We have established a reputation for being fair, accurate, and nonpolitical. As a result, we enjoy support from Utahns throughout the private, public, and nonprofit sectors. View our Board of Trustees list here. We work hard to ensure that policymakers, advocates, and the public across the political spectrum are informed to the highest level with the independent knowledge they need to make sound public policy. View our non-discrimination and DEI statements here.

Encouraging Informed Public Policy

Public policies affect all of us in some way every day, whether through legislation, regulations, or local ordinances. Public policy choices determine how governments, programs, citizens, businesses, schools, and others interact with each other. Public policies define rights, responsibilities, roles and expectations, from who picks up your garbage to how much corporations should pay in taxes.

In Utah, many state and local public policy decisions are made by people who volunteer their time to serve in government office, and they cannot possibly be experts on each issue that comes before them. Policymakers and concerned citizens need balanced information on issues, and they need research they can trust from an independent source. Our accurate, unbiased research has helped people understand and get involved in the issues that impact their lives.


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