Utahns Don’t Like Either Presumptive Candidate

Written by: Christopher Collard

As the field of presidential candidates among major parties has dwindled from 23 to 3 over the past 9 months, the apparent nominees have become clear, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately for Utah, its preferred nominees, Ted Cruz among Republicans and Bernie Sanders among Democrats, do not appear to be likely candidates (although who can say how this will all really play out in the end). As part of a small survey following up … Continued

Utah Thrives — An Updated Look at Utah’s Tax Burden

Written by: Dan Bammes

Early in 2015, Utah Foundation issued a research report showing Utah’s tax burden had dropped to its lowest level in 20 years. That was based on 2012 data from the Census Bureau and other sources, the most current available at the time. When 2013 data was available, we posted an updated version on our blog. Then we asked some experts on Utah Foundation’s staff and outside the organization for their thoughts on where Utah’s tax … Continued

Utah’s 2013 Tax Burden

Written by: Christopher Collard

Explore the state and local tax burden of residents across the United States. Hover over markers for more information about levels, rankings and year-over-year changes of the tax burden. Click and drag to move around or zoom in on states on the eastern coast for a better view. Early 2015 you might have seen news coverage from several outlets on a Utah Foundation report which showed that in 2012, Utah had its lowest tax burden … Continued