Video: Utahns’ Community Quality of Life at Decade Low

Written by: Christopher Collard

Since 2011, the Utah Foundation has measured community quality of life five times. In 2022, the Community Quality of Life Index stands at 64 out of a possible 100 points, making this year the clear low mark. Learn more in our newest video.

We’re Hiring! Research Analyst Position Announcement

Written by: Shawn Teigen

POSITION: Research Analyst – The Utah Foundation APPLICATION DEADLINE: December 2, 2022 JOB DESCRIPTION: The Utah Foundation is seeking a Research Analyst to perform public policy analysis and outreach. This is a full-time, salaried position. Candidates must have a strong desire to perform analysis of public-sector issues in a professional, nonpartisan setting and must demonstrate an understanding of public policy topics such as healthcare, housing, workforce, water, and/or infrastructure. Although the Utah Foundation is not … Continued

New President at the Utah Foundation

Written by: Staff

— Shawn Teigen to Take Over from Peter Reichard — On November 15, 2022, the Chair of the Utah Foundation Board of Trustees, Art Turner, announced that Shawn Teigen has been appointed as the president of the organization. Teigen brings a wealth of experience to the position, from entrepreneur to Peace Corps volunteer to researcher at the Utah Foundation. He’s been focusing on public policy for the past 15 years, including as the Utah Foundation’s … Continued

Op-ed: Utah should grow into its gaps

Written by: Peter Reichard

When we think of growth, we often picture developers buying an old farm or ranch and building a subdivision. We picture a growing civilizational footprint, turning what was once green into something gray. But Utah can look within the existing footprint for opportunities to grow. That means identifying sites within developed areas that are vacant or underutilized. Development of these sites is known as “infill.” Multiple factors are now converging in Utah to make infill … Continued