Colorado Education Report Gets Attention from Media, Legislature

Written by: Dan Bammes

Utah Foundation’s report Lessons from Our Neighbor: Learning from Colorado’s Educational Success drew substantial coverage in Utah news media after its release July 7th. It was featured on the front page of the Salt Lake Tribune and on the KSL-TV broadcast PrimeTime along with several other news outlets. Utah Foundation Research Director Shawn Teigen discusses the Colorado education report with KSL-TV news anchor Deanie Wimmer   In the report, Research Director Shawn Teigen and Research … Continued

How do you Define a Generation?

Written by: Christopher Collard

This month Utah Foundation will release the fourth part of its report looking at generational differences among Utahns and their national counterparts. The first problem encountered when writing this report is defining the generations themselves. Each organization has a different generational definitions, but the table below outlines some of the more common generations as well as a few alternatives.   Most Common Generations Generation Alternate Names General Birth Cohort Greatest Generation GI Generation, Traditionalists 1910-1928 … Continued

Legislature Looks at Property Taxes for Water Systems

Written by: Dan Bammes

Utah Foundation President Steve Kroes speaking to the Utah Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee June 17, 2015   The Utah Foundation research report Flowing Toward 2050: Utah’s Water Outlook recommended that Utah policymakers “re-examine the role of property tax funding for water agencies, with a goal of reducing tax support and increasing water rates,” as well as creating “more significant price gradations in block-rate water plans.” The Utah Legislature’s Revenue and Taxation Interim Committee … Continued