The Other Priorities: Priority #21 Liquor Laws

Written by: Christopher Collard

While Utah Foundation’s Utah Priorities Project highlights the top ten most important issues to Utahns, there are just as many priorities that did not make the list. These lesser priorities, while not highlighted through most of our reporting process, are still important to many Utahns. These other concerns and associated survey data will be briefly covered in a series of blog posts and will be released roughly once every other week leading up to the … Continued

Utah Thrives – Power Equipment and Air Quality

Written by: Dan Bammes

Utah voters identified air quality among the top ten issues facing the state in this year’s Utah Priorities Project survey. The notorious winter inversions that plague the Wasatch Front come to mind — but ozone pollution in the summertime is also a significant concern. And it turns out our use of gasoline-powered lawn and garden equipment is a contributor to the problem. In this episode of Utah Thrives, Dan Bammes talks with Bryce Bird, Executive … Continued