Utah Thrives – Making Landfills Last

Written by: Dan Bammes

Once a week, we haul that big trash bin out to the street, waiting for a trucks to come along and empty it. Where the stuff we don’t want or can’t use anymore goes doesn’t really concern us – out of sight, out of mind. But managing that never-ending stream of waste coming from our homes is a big concern for the jurisdictions we live in. And they’re getting more sophisticated as time goes by … Continued

After 30 years of Truth in Taxation, how are property taxes looking?

Written by: Peter Reichard

When the subject of property taxes comes up, local officials are apt to bring up Utah’s Truth in Taxation law. As the name of the law implies, Utah’s Legislature created the law as a means of ensuring transparency to decision-making about taxes. But one practical effect of the law was to limit local governments’ ability to reap windfalls from increasing property values. And from the perspective of some local officials, the law has stunted revenue … Continued