Utah Thrives: Quality of Life, Relationships, and Suicide

Written by: Dan Bammes

Every few years, Utah Foundation surveys Utahns about their quality of life. Their responses allow us to look back and see how their perceptions have changed over time. And we also recently published a research report on suicide, looking at how Utah compares to other states in the Mountain West and the nation. We’ll hear from Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard about those reports. In this edition of Utah Thrives, we’ll look closely at one … Continued

Utah housing concerns center on Salt Lake County and renters

Written by: Peter Reichard

Housing affordability has become one of the biggest topics in recent public discourse. That makes sense: Housing prices in Utah have increased sharply during the past five years. The median sales price of a home rose from $207,000 in 2013 to $298,950 in 2018. Median rents in Utah have increased from $851 in 2012 to $986 in 2017. From a longer-term perspective, housing cost increases in both Utah and most other Western states have consistently … Continued