Significant Statistics | Utah Ranks Lowest in Unemployment Claims as a Percentage of Workforce

Written by: Staff

THE LATEST NATIONAL TAX FOUNDATION NUMBERS comparing unemployment claims put Utah in a favorable position relative to her 50 sisters: as of May 16, the Beehive State had the nation’s lowest unemployment claims as a percentage of the civilian workforce, at 5.7%. Contrast Utah’s situation with the five states with the highest percentage of claims, including three states in our neighborhood: Washington (31%), Nevada (25%), Oregon (24%), Hawaii (24%) and Florida (23%). The figures reflect … Continued

Significant Statistics | Transit Ridership Falls 70+ Percent

Written by: Staff

FROM EARLY MARCH TO LATE APRIL, Utah Transit Authority ridership plummeted. UTA’s fixed bus route and light rail ridership settled into a new weekday low in early April, with the decline hovering near the 70% to 75% range until the end of the month. The declines for Utah Valley Express, Frontrunner and paratransit were even steeper, settling into more than an 80% decline. UTA has stepped up sanitary efforts. It is currently surveying riders to … Continued

Op-Ed: As economic decline strains Utah families, legal needs will intensify

Written by: Peter Reichard

To a large extent, the legal needs facing lower-income Utah households serves as a barometer of the strains facing those households overall. So getting a handle on what those needs are — and the extent to which they are being met — becomes critical to philanthropic and governmental decision-making. This is true all the more in a time of crisis. A new report from Utah Foundation goes in-depth on this question. The Justice Gap: Addressing … Continued

Video: Unmet Legal Needs in Utah

Written by: Shawn Teigen

Utah Foundation’s second video of 2020 provides an overview of the findings from our new report on unmet legal needs in Utah. It also addresses needs that may flare up in light of the current economic crisis. Please watch and share our latest video. You can find the report and an executive summary here. The legal needs project was made possible with funding from the Utah Bar Foundation.

Significant Statistics | Utah Hits 150,000 New Unemployment Filings in Seven Weeks

Written by: Staff

UTAH EMPLOYMENT NUMBERS ARE BLEAK, but not as bleak as the national numbers. From February to March, state unemployment increased by 1.1% to 3.6%. This is the second largest monthly increase in the past 45 years. Only in late 2008 was there a larger monthly unemployment increase (1.4%).1 The state’s unemployment rate will jump much higher for April. In February, the U.S. unemployment rate hit a 50 year low (3.5%). Nationally, unemployment jumped from 4.4% … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast: The State of Utah Embraces Teleworking

Written by: Peter Reichard

You won’t want to miss this episode of Utah Thrives, where you’ll find out why teleworking employees are more productive and you’ll hear about the multiple goals the state is addressing through teleworking — from air quality to rural employment. We talk with Jeff Mottishaw, senior consultant with the Operational Excellence Team in the Governor’s Office of Management and Budget, who discusses how the state’s teleworking program has gained momentum with the coronavirus crisis. This podcast builds on … Continued