Utah Thrives (Podcast of Utah Foundation)

Utah Thrives Podcast | Exploring One Answer to Housing Challenges

Written by: Peter Reichard

Is an important answer to Utah’s housing challenges missing from the equation? In this edition of Utah Thrives, Utah Foundation Vice President and Research Director Shawn Teigen joins President Peter Reichard in a discussion about the state’s startling housing affordability challenges. The conversation revolves around the new multi-part study, Is the Middle Missing? A Guide to Expanding Options for Utah Homebuyers and Renters. Teigen and Reichard discuss the findings of the first two installments, which … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Can Utah be Trusted?

Written by: Peter Reichard

Podcast Explores Measures of Social Trust   Successful social interactions depend on trust. Social trust has major implications for the prosperity of the economy, the health of a democracy, the strength of the social fabric, and the support of strong social capital. But how solid are the bonds of trust in the Beehive State? That’s the question we explore in a recent Utah Foundation report called The Kindness of Strangers: Social Trust in Utah. It’s … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Narcissism and the Unraveling of Society

Written by: Peter Reichard

Are We Living Through a Second Gilded Age? On multiple measures — political polarization, economic inequality, social capital and cultural solidarity — America is heading decisively in the wrong direction. But have we been here before? And what can we learn from our past successes in coming together? Why are state and local-level solutions so important? In this installment of Utah Thrives, we hear insights from Shaylyn Romney Garrett, co-author with Robert Putnam of The … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Civic Engagement

Written by: Peter Reichard

The measures of civic engagement in Utah reveal a mixed bag. That’s the conclusion of a new Utah Foundation report called The The Measure of a Citizen: Civic Engagement in Utah. It’s the first installment in our new Utah Social Capital Series. And the findings of the report raise a lot of questions. Utah Foundation Senior Analyst Christopher Collard and President Peter Reichard explore those questions in this edition of Utah Thrives, the Utah Foundation … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Mental Health in Anxious Times

Written by: Peter Reichard

In this edition of Utah Thrives, Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard talks with Julianne Holt-Lunstad, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at Brigham Young University; Mark Rapaport, CEO of the Huntsman Mental Health Institute at University of Utah School of Medicine; and Doug Thomas, Director of the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health for the State of Utah.  The conversation is excerpted from a recent Utah Foundation Breakfast Briefing sponsored by the Garbett Family Foundation. Among the questions the group addresses:  … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Prosperity in a Cleaner and Greener Economy

Written by: Peter Reichard

In this edition of Utah Thrives, Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard and Vice President Shawn Teigen are joined by Julianne Basinger and Nick Schou of Western Resource Advocates in a discussion of climate challenges. The conversation also explores the new Utah Foundation report, Going for the Green: How Utah Can Thrive in the New Climate Economy.

Utah Thrives Podcast | Tackling Health Care Costs

Written by: Peter Reichard

Every four years, as part of our Utah Priorities Project, the Utah Foundation surveys the people of this state to determine their greatest concerns. This information helps drive the priorities of policymakers and civic leaders. In both 2016 and 2020, Utahns told us that their top concern was health care costs and access. The past year in particular has highlighted the great importance of our health care services and infrastructure. But it has also brought forth … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | The Growing Challenge of Housing Affordability in Utah

Written by: Peter Reichard

The Utah Foundation recently produced a brief on housing affordability as concerns in Utah have become increasingly acute.  In this edition of Utah Thrives,  Utah Foundation Senior Analyst Christopher Collard, President Peter Reichard and Vice President / Research Director Shawn Teigen discuss what they’ve been learning as they dig in on the housing cost issue. 

Utah Thrives Podcast | Is Utah Leading a Transportation Funding Revolution?

Written by: Peter Reichard

Utah has joined about a dozen states in exploring a new kind of revenue for road maintenance that charges drivers for miles driven, rather than fuel consumed. While many states have conducted research and pilot projects on road usage charges, Utah and Oregon are the only two states with currently operating programs. The Utah Foundation’s recent report Measuring the Miles: Road Usage Charges in Utah examines the broader movement toward road usage charges among the states; how … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | The Why and How of Boosting Post-Secondary Attainment

Written by: Staff

Utah Foundation has launched a series of reports on how Utah can boost educational attainment. The first report in that series, Beating the Odds: Post-Secondary Success for Adult, First-Generation and Lower-Income Students, explores various means of promoting both student retention and completion of certificates and degrees. It focuses on subsets of students who have been less likely to attain higher levels of education and receive the socio-economic benefits of that attainment.  In this edition of Utah … Continued