Utah Thrives Podcast | The Surprising Effects of the Pandemic on Families

Written by: Peter Reichard

Prior to Pandemic, Utah Family Life Saw Shocking Declines on Key Metrics

The Pandemic Made Eye-Opening Impacts — both for Good and Ill
There’s only so much time in the day, and most parents need to know that they need to work intently to make sure family time is well-spent. And while families in Utah are well-structured, the time families spend at home may not be. That problem — and the surprising effects of the pandemic on Utah home life — are among the startling revelations in a new Utah Foundation report. 
In this edition of Utah Thrives, Utah Foundation Senior Analyst Christopher Collard and President Peter Reichard discuss the findings of the new report, The Comforts of Home: Family Life in Utah
Utah Thrives Podcast
Utah Thrives Podcast
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