State Involvement in Parental Rights and Child Welfare

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In light of intense media scrutiny since last summer, policymakers, social service workers, and concerned citizens have had many discussions about how the state should or should not intervene when child abuse and neglect are suspected.

This issue was at the core of prominent legislation this year and continues to be a topic debated by candidates for political office and others. In Utah Foundation’s Utah Priorities Poll, the issue of parental rights emerged as one of the top ten issues facing Utah this year. This Research Brief is intended to provide data and facts to help voters better understand this issue.

To help shed light on this thorny subject, this brief will explain: 1) the processes involved when the state investigates child abuse and neglect; 2) trends in the number of referrals and the number of times a child is removed from the home, as well as the different types of cases processed by the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) is provided; and 3) changes to child welfare law made by the 2004 legislative session.



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  1. jessica

    i am a single mother, i am american, i rent a duplex, i am a float medical assistant for utah, have never been in seriouse trouble with the law only traffic violations, i admite to using drugs as a teen15 years old, i am now 29 years of age. CPS has been involved in my life since september 2013, i had a poor pitty me moment in my life while i was six months along a one time thing i regreat that irritates my soul. i told my doctor what happen and they contiued to monitor. baby came home with me and my other child whom is three years of age. now mind you in between that time on 10/01/2013 i was a passenger in a car wreck i suffered cracked ribs on left and right side deep tissue contusions along my chest as well as fractured breast plate, also on my left side of body. i did not hear from CPS till 10/03/2013 gave them my address to come and investigate. nancy alfaro was the worker. this worker never showed to my home i recived a court sommons on 11/21/2013 with false charges stating i was a nation wide criminal and had a warrent to be deported back to mexico! so they removed my kids from my home ? how is that possable? why do we have people to keep us and our children safe if they dont do there job! investigating!!! i was born hear in salt lake city utah , i am white ! they just made there first home visit in jan 24 or 25 i belive it was of 2014. they took my kids on dec 2013 cause i was broke down on the side of the free way in my dads truck with both my kids. i called the workers my atterny as well as the court house a hour and 20 min befor my court hearing cause i was supposed to be there early to talk to my atterney. they went on with court with out me presentknowing my situation. i even asked nancy to come get me and know response. i got a text message stating they removed the kids due to me not being present!!! you people make it hard for good parents to be parents. i to this day still do not have my kids and i am still fighting for them. help me please.

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