Utah Thrives Podcast | Local Ground Rules and the Missing Middle

Written by: Peter Reichard

Expanding housing options in Utah will require expanding what our zoning allows. But what are the best ways of going about that? Answering that question is the topic of the latest installment in the new Utah Foundation study, Is the Middle Missing? A Guide to Expanding Options for Utah Homebuyers and Renters.   Utah Foundation Vice President Shawn Teigen and President Peter Reichard explore the findings of the report in this edition of Utah Thrives, the … Continued

Op-ed: Can Utah bring in new housing types without ruffling feathers?

Written by: Peter Reichard

Those struggling to get developments done often use the acronym NIMBY – not in my backyard – to describe opponents of their plans. While it may serve as a useful shorthand for neighborhood opposition to projects for the common good, in many cases it may also be unfair. Most Americans’ wealth is tied up in their home, a home that they often choose because of the quality of life the neighborhood offers. To routinely throw … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | The Evolution of Housing Development in Utah

Written by: Peter Reichard

Do New Development Trends Align with Utahns’ Preferences?   What kind of housing is being developed in Utah? Is it the kind Utahns want to see in their neighborhoods? And what are the implications for the so-called “missing middle” of the housing market? Utah foundation Vice President Shawn Teigen and President Peter Reichard explore the answers in this edition of Utah Thrives, the Utah Foundation podcast.    

Top Utah Foundation Findings of 2021

Written by: Shawn Teigen

The Utah Foundation had a prolific 2021. (Read all about it in our Annual Report, here.) At its December meeting, the Utah Foundation Board of Trustees determined our top 10 findings in 2021 – or top 12 findings given the three-way tie for 10th place. 1. From 2010 to 2021, an inflation-adjusted mortgage payment with 10% down on a median-priced Utah home increased by $469 from $1,131 to $1,600. Over time, the cost of lower-priced … Continued

Op-ed: Utahns score well on the ‘art of association,’ except in this category

Written by: Peter Reichard

Going back to Alexis de Tocqueville’s monumental study of the American character in the 1830s, the U.S. has been known for what the Frenchman called our “art” of association. He noted not only “commercial and industrial associations in which all take part,” but also that Americans participate in groups that are “religious, moral, grave, futile, very general and very particular, immense and very small.” But those studying the American art of association find that it … Continued

Utah Thrives Podcast | Exploring One Answer to Housing Challenges

Written by: Peter Reichard

Is an important answer to Utah’s housing challenges missing from the equation? In this edition of Utah Thrives, Utah Foundation Vice President and Research Director Shawn Teigen joins President Peter Reichard in a discussion about the state’s startling housing affordability challenges. The conversation revolves around the new multi-part study, Is the Middle Missing? A Guide to Expanding Options for Utah Homebuyers and Renters. Teigen and Reichard discuss the findings of the first two installments, which … Continued

Op-ed: Utah’s housing numbers draw a double-take

Written by: Peter Reichard

Astonishing. Jaw-dropping. Mind-blowing. When it comes to housing price increases in Utah, the exclamations could just keep flowing. The cost of housing in Utah has been skyrocketing. Median home prices increased by 15.4% in 2020 and even further in 2021 – with a year-over-year appreciation of 29% at September. Yes: 29%. That’s not a typo. And Utahns have noticed. Recent Utah Foundation research reveals that more than 80% of Utahns perceive home prices and rents … Continued

Art Turner to Become New Utah Foundation Chair | Holcombe, Parson, Mendenhall also to Serve as Officers

Written by: Peter Reichard

Today, the Utah Foundation announces its new board leadership for 2022. Current Chair Chad Westover, CEO of University of Utah Health Plans, has completed his term and will remain on the Executive Board as Immediate Past Chair. Vice Chair Dan Eldredge is retiring from his position as General Manager with the Intermountain Power Agency and is departing Utah Foundation’s board. The new officers are: Art Turner, Vice President/Gen. Manager of Enterprise Holdings, will serve as Chair starting … Continued

Significant Statistics | Growth Part IV: Should Utah Limit Population Growth?

Written by: Christopher Collard

Population Growth – Should we Stop It? Attitudes around limiting grow vary according to religious affiliation. Figure 1: Whether voters agreed or disagreed with the statement, “Utah Should Take Action to Slow its Population Growth in Urban Areas” As outlined in Part IV, much of the Utah Foundation’s work directly or indirectly addresses the problems created by Utah’s population growth. We often examine ways to address these problems. However, in the Utah Priorities Project survey, … Continued

Significant Statistics | Growth Part III: How Utah is Addressing Growth Pressures

Written by: Christopher Collard

Growth and Transportation Infrastructure Utah has a history of robust investment in transportation infrastructure. Utah’s investment in transportation went to a new level after 2020; the state budget for transportation in 2022 is nearly twice that of its 2012-2020, even after accounting for inflation and population growth. While traffic decreased during the pandemic, it recovered by January 2021, and while Utah is among the top five states for remote workers, it is not clear to … Continued