Broadband Internet Ties Utah Together

Written by: Dan Bammes

Utah, as it turns out, has better high-speed internet access than most other states. A new report from Utah Foundation says government action has had a role to play in that — from local initiatives such as Utopia and iProvo to statewide systems such as the Utah Education and Telehealth Network (UETN). While some of the local initiatives have had a rocky start, they’ve also helped to set the standard for the expansion of private services such as Comcast and CenturyLink.

Utah Foundation Research Director Shawn Teigen explained the findings of the report in an online news conference October 14th. We were joined by Janette Tomkinson, a teacher at Bear River High School in Garland. She uses the UETN system to reach out to students in isolated rural schools such as Park Valley and Grouse Creek. Here’s the recording of the news conference along with Shawn’s presentation on the report 21st Century Infrastructure: How Broadband Internet has Shaped and is Shaping Utah.

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