Utah Thrives Podcast | Bonus Conversation with Dr. Steve Hanke

Written by: Christopher Collard

This bonus episode is an interview with Dr. Steve H Hanke. Dr. Hanke is a professor of applied economics and founder and co-director of the Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health, and the Study of Business Enterprise at the Johns Hopkins University.

We reached out to Dr. Hanke to discuss the Hanke Misery index – an index of four factors that attempt to summarize the level of a country’s misery based on economic conditions. You can learn more about the Utah Foundation’s report on Utah’s Misery Index and how it compared to other states in our previous Utah Thrives episode.

However, our talk with Dr. Hanke went beyond the index to hear about his fascinating career. The Utah Foundation is providing this segment as a bonus podcast. We hope you enjoy listening to him as much as we did.

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