Utah Thrives Podcast | Narcissism and the Unraveling of Society

Written by: Peter Reichard

Are We Living Through a Second Gilded Age?

On multiple measures — political polarization, economic inequality, social capital and cultural solidarity — America is heading decisively in the wrong direction. But have we been here before? And what can we learn from our past successes in coming together? Why are state and local-level solutions so important?

In this installment of Utah Thrives, we hear insights from Shaylyn Romney Garrett, co-author with Robert Putnam of The Upswing: How America Came Together A Century Ago and How We Can Do It Again. The conversation draws from the Utah Foundation’s 2021 Annual Luncheon and features an introduction from Sen. Mike Lee.

This podcast touches on issues addressed in our new Utah Social Capital Series. The first installment, The Measure of a Citizen: Civic Engagement in Utah, is available at www.utahfoundation.org.

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