Rio Tinto to be Honored with Utah Foundation’s Civic Cornerstone Award

Written by: Dan Bammes

Rio Tinto to be Honored with Utah Foundation’s Civic Cornerstone Award

Annual Luncheon Features Professor Robert Putnam as Keynote Speaker


Rio Tinto will be honored with the Civic Cornerstone Award at Utah Foundation’s 2019 Annual Luncheon on May 21st at the Little America Hotel.

Utah Foundation’s supporters include companies and organizations that serve as true champions of the civic community. Through the Civic Cornerstone Award, Utah Foundation seeks to recognize these supporters’ remarkable contributions both to the organization’s mission and to the broader community.

Rio Tinto has been a major supporter of the arts, education and community institutions in Utah. As part of its community giving, the company and its Kennecott Utah Copper division have provided critical support to Utah Foundation since the organization’s founding in 1945. In addition, Rio Tinto executives have been an important part of Utah Foundation’s leadership through those 74 years. Melissa Shanjengange, an international executive with Rio Tinto, serves on the Utah Foundation Board of Trustees today.

The keynote speaker for the Annual Luncheon is the celebrated Harvard political science professor Robert Putnam, the author of the landmark work on social capital, Bowling Alone: The Collapse and Revival of American Community. We are pleased to announce that Utah Governor Gary Herbert will also participate in the proceedings.

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