Utah Thrives: Drug Rehab — In Jail and Out

Written by: Dan Bammes

Going to jail for a drug-related crime might not seem like an opportunity for the person who’s incarcerated. But while they’re locked up in Utah’s prisons and jails, inmates addicted to drugs might find treatment programs that could help them escape the addiction.

A research report from Utah Foundation shows those programs vary widely from state prisons to county jails, but for those who get help, the likelihood of going back to jail is reduced – and the future cost to the public may be much lower. We’ll hear from Research Analyst Sam Brucker on how those programs can provide an opportunity for offenders where they’re available.

There’s also a role for the private sector in providing resources for drug rehabilitation. In this edition of Utah Thrives, we’ll hear from Shawn McMillen, director of First Step House, a non-profit treatment facility, about the way private money helps to fill gaps in government programs, allowing those recovering from substance abuse to stay out of jail and build new lives.

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