Utah 2018 State Income Tax Calculator

Written by: Christopher Collard

Utah’s 2018 state income taxes will be impacted by the 2017 federal changes and 2018 state changes.

Enter your information below to find out the impact of federal and state changes on your household in 2018.

Household Information

The calculator is preset to the median Utah household. Input your 2017 data to view a personalized projection.


The Impact

This is the estimated impact of federal and state tax changes on your 2018 Utah state income tax.


Initial Tax Due



Taxpayer Tax Credit



Final State Tax Liability



Federal Changes
State Changes




Federal and State Changes mean you will pay $0 more in Utah income taxes in 2018.

How you Compare

Your household (the large, slightly opaque bubble) is placed on a projection of Utah households in 2018.

  • green represents households that will pay less
  • red represents households that will pay more
  • blue represents households that will pay about the same

Learn More about Utah Income Taxes

To learn more about Utah’s income tax, visit our most recent report on income taxes or check out the two-minute summary video below.

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