Individual Contributions Make the Season Bright for Utah Foundation

Written by: Dan Bammes

In 1945, when Utah Foundation was created by a group of business leaders in Salt Lake City, individuals could sign up to support its work for one dollar.

Poinsettia02 (3) And what is that work? Suzanne Pierce Moore has been a supporter of Utah Foundation since her children were young. She talks about hearing a former executive director, Mike Christensen, talk about the Foundation’s work providing non-partisan, independent research to the public and policy makers in Utah.

“I was trying to understand education funding,” Moore says. “I was looking for a source of information. Now I have a relationship with the Utah Foundation. I’ve learned more about how growth in our population will affect our schools.”

That relationship also helped in her public role during the time she chaired of Utah State University’s Board of Trustees. She often referred new trustees to the Utah Foundation website to learn more about policy issues. “There’s got to be a place for independent research to make decisions around,” she says.

Ann O’Connell uses the resources on the Foundation website in her work with the League of Women Voters. “I am a member of the Utah Foundation because of the timely research. League members use the Foundation site often. Good background material for our studies. You will see references thereto often in our research papers,” she told us.

Utah Foundation, of course, receives substantial support from business, higher education, local government and other community institutions. But if you believe our work is important -– if you’d like to support our mission of promoting a thriving economy, a well-prepared workforce and a high quality of life for Utahns — please accept our invitation to become an individual member. The commitment has increased a bit since 1945 – it’s now $140, or if that’s too steep, send an amount you can afford. It’s easy and quick to sign up. Here’s the link. You’ll receive all our research reports as well as notice of Utah Foundation events and an open door to discuss issues you believe are important to our state and communities.

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