New Year, New Focus

Written by: Ashley Marshall

What’s the deal with the sunburst as our logo? When anyone sees a Utah Foundation product they see a sunset-colored sunburst on every cover and web link. This sunburst represents our research shedding light on the issues that matter most to Utahns – we illuminate the issues.

When Shawn Teigen agreed to be our president, he embraced the task of ensuring that our organization remains focused upon what matters most. So, over the course of his first year as president, our staff met with board member Susan McLeod to collectively decide where we want to go as an organization and who we want to be. With input and guidance from our full board, the process led us to author the Utah Foundation’s first vision statement. Our vision is what we hope our little corner of the world will look like as a result of our work.

Vision: Empowered civic engagement as the foundation for enhanced quality of life in Utah.

In order to achieve this vision, we created a mission that aligned with our vision.

Mission: Inform and engage Utahns with illuminating, independent, nonpartisan public-policy research.

Our new vision and mission will help serve as a guide for our team as we prioritize projects and undertake our research process. As an additional compass, we decided upon foundational and guiding values that will help shape the work that we do.


  • Integrity: We embrace facts, transparency, and objectivity in our research.
  • Spirit: We approach our work with passion and dedication.
  • Engagement: We provide compelling and accessible research that educates and energizes.
  • Empathy: We consider varied points of view, the needs of different communities, and the effects of policies.

Fundamentally, we are a team that cares a lot about the work we do and the great state in which we live. We are therefore very excited to write with a re-invigorated focus and to hopefully illuminate the future of our state.

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