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State taxes and government spending has inhabited one of the top ten spots for Utah voter concerns in every Utah Priorities Project, often a top five spot. Taxes represent the principal form of interaction between Utah voters and state and local government. Since the government controls taxes, it is no wonder this topic is a perennial concern.

Seven percent of respondents from the open-response survey mentioned either taxes or government spending as one of their top two concerns. Three-quarters of respondents mentioned taxes, most stating that they were too high. One commenter thought they were too low – especially for “polluting companies” – and several respondents recommended restructuring the tax burden in one way or another. The other quarter of respondents addressed government spending. Most commenters who explained themselves wanted tax revenue spent more efficiently, avoiding “dumb people causing us to [waste] money we could use for other things that the state needs” rather than reducing or increasing spending.

State Taxes and Government Spending Position in Utah Priorities


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