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Since 2004, K-12 education has always been one of the top three priorities. This high ranking is likely because issues related to K-12 education consistently make the headlines in Utah’s media. Funding and legislative session activities also make the news, particularly since the largest proportion of Utah’s budget is spent on education and the Utah Legislature sees over one hundred education bills each year. Further, education is something most registered voters have a lot of contact with since they have been in school themselves, may have children or grandchildren in school, and may be working in education. In the open-response survey, the overwhelming theme regarding K-12 education was funding. Two-thirds of comments about education included specific issues or topics. Of those comments, 66% identified education funding as an important concern. In a further breakdown of the funding comments, about one-quarter cited teacher salaries as being too low to either get good teachers or retain existing teachers. Several topics – quality of schools, class size, and Common Core – received a small number of comments.

K-12 Position in Utah Priorities


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