The Soil of Common Ground: Social Cohesion in Utah

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The Soil of Common Ground: Social Cohesion in Utah is the Utah Foundation’s fifth report in its Utah Social Capital Series.

The Soil of Common Ground presents data and analysis in three areas: economic stratification, language and the extent to which the population is homegrown. It looks at Utah’s performance on these measures over time, comparing the Beehive State both to the seven other Mountain States and to the nation at large.


  • Utah has a remarkably strong middle class. As of 2019, Utah’s middle class remained not just ahead of the nation as a whole – but ahead of every other state. In fact, not only was Utah No. 1, it was outperforming the second strongest state by a notable margin.
  • Utah’s percentage of children with limited English proficiency is in the bottom half of all states. This contrasts somewhat with the adult population; Utah has the 22nd highest share of adults with limited English proficiency.
  • The share of Utah residents born in the state ranks 19th highest in 2019. Utah is unique among Mountain States in its robust population of state natives; most states in the region are well below average on this count, and some rank among the very lowest. Utah’s proportion of state natives is more than double that of neighboring Nevada.


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