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Partisan politics first emerged as a Utah Priorities Project issue in 2012, landing at number eight. In 2016 partisan politics remains on the list at number eight. In 2012, only a few respondents listed partisan politics as one of the top two issues facing Utah that the governor could do something about. Despite the issue not coming to mind when individuals listed their top two concerns, Utah Foundation included it on the survey list that year and it made the top ten list.

Similarly, in 2016 only a small percentage of respondents of the open-response issues poll (about 3%) noted some form of political dysfunction as a top issue in Utah. Of these comments, nearly half mentioned a lack of political diversity in Utah’s government. A handful of remaining comments described divisiveness in the political arena, or incompetence/inexperience of politicians as being a concern.

Partisan Politics Position in Utah Priorities


Utah Foundation’s brief on partisan politics

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