Utah Priorities 2012, Issue #4: Healthcare

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healthcare imageIn 2012, voters listed healthcare as the 4th most important priority in the election year. This brief explains that healthcare is not just an important issue to voters, but a divisive one as well. One of the most polarizing issues within healthcare is the Affordable Care Act. This brief explains some of the major components of the ACA, when those policies will be implemented, and how they will be funded. It also compares the American health care system to other health care models throughout the world. This report will be followed by a more in-depth study of the Affordable Care Act later this month.

As part of our Utah Priorities Project, this month Utah Foundation releases a series of policy briefs of each of the top ten issues identified in our 2012 Utah Priorities Survey. These briefs provide important information and policy analysis to ensure candidates and voters are well informed of the facts and trends related to each of the top ten issues.

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