The Impacts of Utah’s Population Growth

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Dealing with Utah’s Growth ranked tenth on Utah Foundation’s 2008 Utah Priorities Project Survey. Four growth-related issues in the survey showed high levels of concern. The top issues were traffic congestion, crowding in public schools, water supply concerns, and changes in crime rates. This research brief provides information on how Utah’s population growth has and will affect these four and other issues.



One Response to “The Impacts of Utah’s Population Growth”

  1. Terry Marasco

    RE: the water issue. I noted that the report staes “current conservation”. When you look at Utah’s conservation stats vis-a-vis other western states and city to city we find that Utah uses much more water percapita than others. If Utah cities would conserve as say Albuquerque and Tucson, they would not need the pipleline.

    The peoblem is not water but problematic water managers. What much of the west lacks is the leadership that states to the citizens we need to cnserve to sustain our growth.

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