Addressing Utah’s Air Quality and Environmental Concerns

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In Utah Foundation’s 2008 Utah Priorities Survey, Utah voters rated the environment as their eighth-highest issue of concern. The environmental issues of most concern were Utah’s air quality and the health effects of pollution. Other concerns were environmental effects of pollution and the storage and transport of hazardous waste. This research brief discusses each of these four areas of concern and provides a brief overview of the state’s position on climate change.



One Response to “Addressing Utah’s Air Quality and Environmental Concerns”

  1. Randy Smith

    All I want to do is to move out of Utah. The car exhaust problem here is in the world’s top ten worst cities. Why don’t we have a gas hog tax for larger vehicles such as ford F-350,s? Why is there not a limit to the amount of pollution a person can make? What good does it do for some decently concerned citizens to make changes when the majority is not? When will the government protect from these drive-aholic road raging tail gaiting gas hogs who are making the rest of us sick? Why is smoking a target and car exhaust not? Why not have gas stamps and when they are gone, you are done driving for the month like it or not tough crap? One day there will be commercials such as “What were we thinking” similar those 60’s people smoking on the airplane propoganda commercial or “There is no safe amount of car exhaust” similar to those 1-800 the truth commercials. Why are gashogs not targets of persecution and segregation just as smokers are and when will we ever stand up to oil corps. and do things differently. When will we warrrant action, after it is too late?

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