See Utah Foundation’s brief on Utah’s new redistricting commission for more information.


How The Map Works

  • Click on a county or city to cycle through the congressional districts.
  • As you hover over a boundary, a pop up box will appear informing you of the jurisdiction’s name, population and current district
    of the boundary.
  • You have two maps, a map of Utah counties, and a map of Utah municipalities along the Wasatch Front.
  • The Wasatch Front counties on the county map control the unincorporated counties and municipalities on the municipalities map. For example, if you click Salt Lake County on the state map, then unincorporated Salt Lake County and all the cities from Salt Lake City to Draper will cycle through to the next district.
  • Color coded district totals are summed either on the right or below the maps.
  • Ideally, the goal is for 835,631 Utahns in each district.  However, we will say your districts are balanced enough if they each have between 814,533 and 856,304.
  • Share your preferred map with your friends on Twitter or Facebook by clicking the buttons below the maps.

Have a go. If you can meet all the requirements listed above, take a screenshot and post it on our Facebook page or Twitter feed.
* This map works best in a Chrome browser.