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Crime – which ranked sixth in 2004 and 2008 – returned to seventh place after a two cycle hiatus. Since 2011, “safety and security from crime” has been the most important aspect for quality of life according to Utah Foundation’s biennial Quality of Life Index.

While Utahns have given their communities relatively high quality ratings for safety and security from crime since 2011, the measure has slipped in recent years. In the open-response survey, 6% of people mentioned crime or safety. These responses came in the form of crime (42%), justice reform (29%), and illicit drug use (29%). Responses for crime typically showed concern for lowering violence and crime in general; however, some respondents were more specific, stating safety in schools, theft, gang problems, sexual assault, “escaping prisoners,” and murder. Half of justice reform comments focused on raising public opinion of police officers, and there were two comments specifically mentioning the criminal justice/prison system reform.

Crime & Safety Position in Utah Priorities


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