Opinion: Only 7% of Americans have confidence in Congress. Are institutions failing us?

August 05, 2022 (Deseret News)

…Utah Foundation recently did a very interesting study on Utah’s “Social Capital Index.” It notes that social scientists affirm a long-term national decline in social capital — “the bonds between people and among networks.” Lack of confidence in major institutions, as outlined in the Gallup study, is a manifestation of the fraying of social capital.

However, the Utah Foundation study showed that in 2021, “Utah had the highest level of social capital in the nation.” Utah ranks well in civic engagement, social trust, community life, family life, social cohesion and a focus on future generations.

So, while Utahns no doubt share national opinions regarding a lack of confidence in major institutions, they are much more likely to have confidence in their neighborhood, community and state institutions…

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