What is the Utah Priorities Project?

Each gubernatorial election for the past 12 years, Utah Foundation has conducted a series of surveys to find out the priorities of voters, delegates and candidates. Several installments have been published including an analysis of the priorities of Utah Voters, Utah Gubernatorial Candidates and other elected officials, and Utah party delegates. Briefs on each of the top ten priorities will be published every other week starting June 22. Return often to find updated information and explore the interactive data.

Utahns’ 2016 Top Priorities

1. Healthcare
2. Air Quality
3. K-12 Education
4. State Taxes & Government Spending
5. Jobs & the Economy
6. Water Supply & Quality
7. Crime & Safety
8. Partisan Politics
9. Homelessness & Poverty
10. The Environment  
Other Priorities


Voter Tools

Explore the Reports:

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2016 Delegate Report
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2012 Gubernatorial Report
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CandidatePrioritiyStaticGraphic WUtah Candidate Priority Results
CandidateIdeologyStaticGraphicUtah Candidate Ideological Measure
PrioritiesOverTimeStaticGraphicHow Utah’s Priorities have Changed



Thank you to our Sponsors

This year’s project has been funded by generous donations from Union Pacific, the George and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation, the Larry H. and Gail Miller Family Foundation, and Zions Bank.



whiteSpacingBarIn March, we had the privilege of hosting the four leading candidates for Governor at the Utah Priorities Project luncheon. We asked hard questions related to the priority issues, and our audience members asked some tough questions, too. Take a look:

Utah Foundation thanks our partners at Deseret Digital Media for providing us with the live and recorded stream.