• Utah’s Charter Schools: Comparisons and Funding Equity with District Schools

  • 2016 Utah Priorities Project: Survey of State Party Delegates (Part III)

  • 2016 Utah Priorities Project: Gubernatorial Candidate Report (Part II)

  • 2016 Utah Priorities Project: Survey of Voters’ Issues and Concerns (Part I)

  • Bringing Air Quality Home: Reducing Residential Emissions

  • Who Is In Charge of Utah Schools? A Look at Education Governance in Utah

In-Depth Research

Healthcare is the topic that most Utahns rated as a high priority. See how the state's preferences align with yours in our Utah Priorities Project, a series of statewide surveys Read more »

Making a Difference

Policymakers and concerned citizens need balanced information on issues, and they need research they can trust from an independent source. That’s why Utah Foundation exists. Our accurate, unbiased research helps people understand and get involved in the issues that impact their lives. Read more »