Utah Statewide School Testing Results: 2002, Including an Analysis of Technology in Utah Schools


Since 1990, Utah Foundation has offered an analysis of the results of Utah’s Statewide Testing program. This program mandates that a uniform test, currently the Ninth Edition of the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT 9), be administered to every third, fifth, eighth, and eleventh grader in the state. This year’s report, while still looking at the current test performance (individual school performance can be found in the Appendix at the end of the report) of Utah’s students, includes two additions to our traditional analysis of the SAT 9. First, this year’s analysis will focus on the impact technology has had on Utah’s education system. In order to accomplish this, Utah Foundation looked at national studies analyzing the effect of technology in the classroom on achievement, the various strategies currently being employed in Utah, and methodologies for quantifying the effect of technology on achievement. Second, there has been an increased sensitivity recently to student achievement within various ethnic sub-groups. Because of this, for the first time, statewide testing data by grade level, subject and ethnicity will be analyzed in this report.

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