The 2010 Utah Priorities Survey: The Top Issues and Concerns of Utah Voters for the 2010 Election

In this special election year, Utahns are less confident that the state is heading in the right direction than they were two years ago. Their concerns about some issues, like energy and transportation, have eased since 2008. However, other issues are now of greater concern, including the economy, government spending, the ethics of elected officials, and states’ rights versus the federal government.

As the introduction to the 2010 Utah Priorities Project, this report provides a summary of the findings of a statewide Dan Jones and Associates survey assessing which issues are most important this year and how voters feel about Utah’s economy, society, and politics. The full report is available online at The goal of this survey is to determine the most important public policy issues for voters, their level of concern about each issue, and to provide details about why voters care about some of the major issues. The survey was not designed to gather voters’ prescriptions for solving these problems, but rather to provide a solid list of priority issues for candidates and voters to focus on through this election cycle.

Read this report:

Executive Summary
Full Report from Dan Jones & Associates

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