Preparing Utah’s Workforce for 21st Century Jobs


Economy graphicBecause workforce quality is directly related to labor productivity and output, it is a key determinant of economic growth. Therefore having a well-prepared, knowledgeable, and skilled workforce is a necessary component to ensuring positive economic growth in Utah. Preparing Utah’s workforce for high-growth, high-wage jobs is also critical to maintaining both the competitiveness and standard of living of Utah’s workers. With the economy shifting and the presence of global competitors increasing, Utah workers must understand what occupations will provide them with an adequate wage, as well as opportunities for growth in their careers.

This report evaluates a list prepared by Utah’s Department of Workforce Services of the best high-growth, high-wage jobs Utah officials expect to see in the next decade. It provides detailed information about the educational and training requirements for each of Utah’s top jobs, as well as data on the current levels of attainment of the degrees or training necessary for each job. The purpose of this report is to inform current workers, future workers, employers, and policy makers about the opportunities that exist in Utah’s economy and the steps that are necessary for Utah workers to take advantage of these opportunities.

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