Why are so many Republicans looking to challenge Mike Lee?

April 15, 2021 (Deseret News)

According to the Utah Foundation, the cost and accessibility of health care has been Utah’s top issue throughout the past two presidential election cycles. Other top issues for Utah voters include education, air quality, jobs and housing affordability. Notably, the biggest concern in March of 2020 by a substantial margin was politicians listening to voters. By summer, Utahns also showed great concern about public health and the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as issues around the pandemic.

How has Mike Lee addressed these very real concerns of the people he was elected to represent? Has he effectively championed any legislation at all to meet the needs of Utahns who feel the impacts of these issues in their families and communities daily — especially now with the added pressures and hardships of a global pandemic?

The list of possible Republican candidates looking to challenge Lee ranges from moderate to conservative and from politically involved Utah residents to experienced and well-respected lawmakers like former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, former Utah Gov. Gary Herbert and former Utah State Rep. Becky Edwards. When voters compare the achievements from a decade or more of elected office by strong and effective candidates like these versus Mike Lee on Utah’s top priorities, they may welcome a change.

Our elected leaders in Congress are charged with the important task of making policy decisions that impact our everyday lives. Utah voters should take advantage of the opportunity of a competitive U.S. Senate race in 2022 to assess what truly matters to them and which candidate would fight hard to address those issues in Congress.

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