WGU Re-envisions Health Care Higher Education, Redesigns and Renames Health Care College

August 08, 2022 (Global Newswire)

…To date, more than 98,500 degrees—including non-nursing programs, such as health informatics and health information management—have been awarded to students in all 50 states. To assess the impact it has had on nursing graduates—now more than 84,000—and the contributions those nurses have made in their communities, WGU tapped the Utah Foundation to conduct a research brief.

Among the findings, the Utah Foundation estimates that of the 84,390 graduates since 2009, 79,181 are still active in the nursing industry, and these nurses support an additional 91,713 jobs required to meet the nursing supply chain and support the nurses’ lifestyles as they spend their income in local communities. In terms of income, WGU nursing graduates will have earned an estimated $6.7 billion in 2022, and their jobs and income are associated with an estimated $5.6 billion in additional supporting jobs. In total, WGU’s nursing graduates are linked to 170,000 jobs and $12 billion in personal income…

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